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142 m²
<br><br>With Living Yards, you will experience a new construction project that uniquely unifies sophisticated living culture and ecological awareness under one roof. The KfW 55 Energy Efficiency House focuses on sustainable resources and highest energy efficiency - and impresses with diverse residential units, layout variations, and high-quality branded finishing.<br>You will definitely experience the quality of life at its finest in the penthouse of the Living Yards. Here you can find modern living with the highest quality equipment, with stunning views from your terrace - on a total of 142.69 m2. 5 rooms for the free scope of action. Already at the entrance, you can expect an entrance hall and a small hall, which lead to the various rooms of the attic apartment: children's room, two bathrooms, bedroom for parents with additional dressing room. A true dream for families. On the other side of the apartment is a very large kitchen, where all the magical family moments happen - especially on the spacious roof terrace, which connects directly to the living room.<br>
Weissenburg in Bayern
This property is for sale. This home is located in a quiet area. There is a garage and a parking space big enough for 41 cars big enough for 36 cars. For more information Telephone: 32, Telephone: 25.
70 m²
This property is for sale. This home contains 3 rooms and has a livable surface of 70 m². This home contains 1 kitchen, which is open-styled and complete a shower room and separate WC. It has 1 living room, a cellar and an attic. There is a parking space.
140 m²
This property is for sale. This beautiful home is a duplex ; it contains 3 rooms and has a livable surface of 140 m². It was built in 2001. The building does not have a lift and offers a beautiful view. This home contains 1 bathroom separate WC. It has 1 living room, a laundry room, a storage room and a cellar.
171 m²
This property is for sale. This home contains 3 rooms and has a livable surface of 171 m². It was built in 2018. This home is located close to shops. There is a garage.
175 m²
This property is for sale. This home contains 3 rooms and has a livable surface of 175 m². It was built in 2018. This home is located close to shops. There is a garage.
German Properties for SaleOn offer are 11 separate properties located in various areas of Germany. This is a fabulous opportunity to buy a property in Germany for investment purposes.All properties are Freehold and as follows:1. 2-bed Bungalow, needs renovation, site area 250 sqm.Address: 4 Am Friedhof, OT Cochstedt, 39444Current Value: Euro 20,000.00Outstanding Debit: 4,200.00Refurbishment Costs: 20,000.00Works include roof repairs, rewiring, new bathroom and new kitchen, redecorating and new windows.Potential Value: Euro 60,000.002. 2-bed terrace house, needs renovation, site area 108 sqm.Address: 18 Werrarain, 99830 TreffurtCurrent Value: Euro 20,000.00Outstanding Debit: 6,600.00Refurbishment Costs: 20,000.00Works include outside walls repairs, rewiring, new bathroom and new kitchen, re-decorating and new windows.Potential Value: Euro 60,000.003. Block of 3 large flats, 3-storey, needs partial renovation, site area 460 sqm.Address: 10 Ostrasse, Zittau, 02763Current Value: Euro 60,000.00Outstanding Debit: 25,000.00Refurbishment Costs: 60,000.00 Works include roof repairs, rewiring, new bathroom and new kitchen, re-decorating and new windows.Potential Value: Euro 200,000.004. 5 Bedroom family house in the course of renovation, 3-storey, site area 480 sqm.Address: 52 Gerhart-Hauptmann Strasse, 02763 ZittauCurrent Value: Euro 30,000.00Outstanding Debit: 9,625.00Refurbishment Costs: 40,000.00Works include outside walls rendering and painting, rewiring, 2 new bathrooms and new kitchen, re-decorating and new windows.Potential Value: Euro 100,000.005. 5-bed detached house in front of railway station, ground floor suitable for a cafe/wine bar plus living space, needs renovation, 3-storey, site area 330 sqm.Address: 37 Lessing Strasse, 02763, ZittauCurrent Value: Euro 40,000.00Outstanding Debit: 9,625.00Refurbishment Costs: 60,000.00Works include outside walls rendering and painting, rewiring, 2 new bathrooms and new kitchen, re-decorating and new windows.Potential Value: Euro 200,000.006. Listed building consisting of 7 large flats, 5-storey, site area 780sqmm.Address: 17b Eckartsberger Strasse, 02763, ZittauCurrent Value: Euro 80,000.00Outstanding Debit: 12,200.00Refurbishment Costs: 100,000.00Works include outside walls rendering and painting, rewiring, new bathroom and new kitchen, re-decorating, new windows and new central heating.Potential Value: Euro 350,000.007. Three adjoining protected buildings, 21 large flats, site area 2,100 sqm.Address: 1, 3 and 5 Gabelsberger Strasse, Zittau, 02763Current Value: Euro 150,000.00Outstanding Debit: NilRefurbishment Costs: 300,000.00Full refurbishment required, works include roof repairs, outside walls rendering, rewiring, 21 new bathrooms and 21 new kitchens, re-decorating, new windows and gas central heating.Potential Value: Euro 840,000.008. An industrial unit, 5,500 sqm site area, requires renovation, 3-storey; it is possible to apply for planning permission to erect at least 12 units of smaller light use industrial units with offices.Address: Strasse E, Unit 1773, Industriepark I, Gommern, 39245Current Value: Euro 100,000.00Outstanding Debit: 15,000.00Refurbishment Costs: 100,000.00Works include outside walls rendering and painting, rewiring, 6 new toilets, re-decorating and new windows.Potential Value: Euro 400,000.009. One ex Hotel currently divided as 4 flats and bar/restaurant, 2 flats currently let at 19,000 euro per annum, potential tenants for bar/restaurant subject to negotiation could produce a further 25,000 euro per annum.Address: 21 Inselberg Strasse, Brotterode - Trusetal, 98596Current Value: Euro 100,000.00Outstanding Debit: 30,000Refurbishment Costs: 80,000.00 Full renovation of the remaining two apartments and the other parts of the commercial space, works include rewiring, 2 new bathrooms and new kitchen, re-decorating and new windows.Potential Value: Euro 350,000.0010. 2-Storey Building of 7 flats, 3 flats are rented at 3,900 euro per annum, site area 5,500 sqm.Address: 1 Schulstrasse, Seehausen (Altmark), Hansestdat, Geestgottberg, 39615Current Value: Euro 40,000.00Outstanding Debit: 20,000.00Refurbishment Costs: 40,000.00 Works include rewiring, 4 new bathrooms and 4 new kitchens, re-decorating and new windows.Potential Value: Euro 100,000.0011. 4 Storey building with 7 large flats plus shop on ground floor.Address: 14 Osswald Strasse, Greiz, 07973Current Value: Euro 80,000.00Outstanding Debit: 25,000.00Refurbishment Costs: 100,000.00 Works include roof repairs, rewiring, 7 new bathrooms and 7 new kitchens, re-decorating, new windows and common central heating.Potential Value: Euro 250,000.0011 separate properties for sale in Germany both residential and commercial.Total Estimated Current Valuation: Euro 720,000.00Total Estimated Refurbishment costs: Euro 920,000.00Total Outstanding Debit: Euro 157,250.00Total End Valuation after Completion of Renovation: Euro 2,870,000.00
Jerichower Land
2 Semi-Detached HousesLeitzkau, GommernOn offer for sale in Germany are two semi-detached houses arranged internally to provide eight apartments. The houses are in need of some repair and are located in Leitzkau, a district in the town of Gommern, 32 kms south of Magdeburg and 149 kms west of Berlin.Althaus 7 and 9 are freehold properties with 466 sqm of living space and a plot of 966.85. There are eight apartments in total and the building also has cellars which may be accessed internally or externally. The property had 5 tenants up to 2014 with a gross rent of 10,164.00 Euro pa generating 18% yield pa. The property is managed by a property management company in Germany. Currently, there is only one tenant but with renovation and modernisation, the property could be rented out in its entirety.The two houses are 500 m from the village centre which provides a good selection of offices, shops and banks and nearby is the 12th-century Leitzkau Castle. This is a wonderful buy-to-let property in Germany for the discerning investor.
330 m²
Large mansion house on quiet respectable road in busy location next to the town of Reichenbach, Vogtland in Germany. Ready to sell to the right interested buyer, this property consists of 6 good sized apartments, accessed via a large gothic style corner entrance. One apartment is ready to move into. One of the apartments is renovated, so the owner can live in this whilst doing the others, the property has a generously sized staircase, this is a very grand property. Rental prices are Buoyant in the area so expect 400 Euros from each apartment each month, that comes out at 2400 Euros per month, try beating that return on a UK investment property (Or in fact anywhere in Europe)! Your town has a population of around 4000, the town is 22KM from the city of Plauen, and 22KM from Zwickau. Other properties in the street have been renovated, only one is currently under renovation, almost complete. All homes in the street are occupied apart from the one under renovation, and a commercial property that has just been renovated across the street. Just across the road you will find a bakers and Coffee shop, you are 2 mins into the centre of the town, a garage is nearby for fuel too. The mansion has a mix of gas central heating and solid fuel heaters. The internal useable internal space is 330SQM. The roof is good, the property needs refurbishment but is in a good solid condition.
2 Ellertal
80 m²
One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is to plan for the demographic changes in our society in a manner that is both economically and socially tenable. The share of people over 65 will increase dramatically in the coming years. For this reason, in the 1990s Germany established a national obligatory care-insurance-scheme from which these challenges are financed. More than 32 billion euro yearly is spent on the elderly by this German care-insurance-scheme. Furthermore, Germany is one of the richest countries in the world. The so-called baby-boomer generation from the 1960s has reached its economical peak and is ready to spend money on innovative living concepts. If nursing care becomes necessary only a few want to leave their house to move to a nursing home. Therefore, right now, the market is demanding properties that enable those with cognitive and physical limitations to stay in their own homes. In the village of Schesslitz, not far from the beautiful castle-town of Bamberg, an innovative residence of a high-quality building standard will be built in 2018/19 for senior citizens very near to the Jura-Hospital. This residence comprising 63 barrier-free, self-contained condominiums with one to four rooms. With each flat comes a balcony and cellar room, and community, fitness and tool rooms are available for use by residents. Furthermore, a resident doctor and a day-care-center are located in the building which also offers various house-help facilities. Ambulant care is also possible. Energy consumption is very low and conforms with the demanding German KFW55-Energy-Standard. Not only do these well-designed apartments have all amenities but they are located in beautiful surroundings which makes it a pleasure to live there where something is always going on. It's more than just a place to live, it's a home with friends, a home where neighbours meet at the gym or get together for a game of Boule or a round of chess on the outdoor board. And at sunset, it's a place where friends and neighbors gather around the community grill fire to enjoy an evening chat and quiet drink. Current advantageous interest rates and a stable financial and political enviroment in Germany makes this property a highly attractive investemt for international clients. Become an owner and you secure for yourself, not only a solid investment, but also a comfortable and carefree home in later years! Visit our website on for more information and aditional property offers. Axel Schwiersch CEO